Grisdale Advisors

Grisdale Advisors helps current and aspiring C-Suite Executives achieve their personal and professional goals using social media.  Grisdale works with individual Executives, as well as across the C-Suite.

Individually, Grisdale helps Executives develop and implement an appropriate social media plan based their objectives.   We also help to identify and manage roadblocks to participation, such as time, knowledge and risks.

At the Enterprise level, Grisdale helps organizations develop Executive Social Media Influencer Programs across their C-Suite and beyond.  These programs tap into Executives power as influencers in the physical world, and extends it into the social space.  These programs expand the organic social media reach of the organization at a fraction of the cost of paid social media or paid influencer programs.

Grisdale is a Charter Member of the C-Suite Network Advisors, a support system of consultants behind the strongest C-Level Executives in the world.  If you would like to know more about Grisdale contact us.  Also, please subscribe to the monthly Grisdale Mail newsletter, which provides food for thought for the influential Executive.  Check out last month’s Grisdale Mail here.

Tim Collins

With a decades-long career in marketing at brands like Bank of America, Taco Bell and Popeyes Chicken, Tim has been involved in social media for more than a decade. When social media consisted only of blogging, he started the social media function at Wells Fargo, which was the first bank to blog and the first bank on Twitter. He and his team coached senior executives on the impact and use of the then new medium as the bank weathered the reputation challenges of the financial crisis.

Always inquisitive, Tim wondered why senior executives continued to be under achievers on social media, inspiring him to pursue proprietary research to understand the reasons. Based on his findings, Tim launched Grisdale Advisors, which takes a customized, collaborative, research-based approach to coach C-Suite Executives on the safe and effective use of social media to grow their personal and professional brands.

Tim has fond memories of growing up on Grisdale Road, near Philadelphia.